I work with watercut metal, attached a short distance from the wall, like reliefs.They can also be forms that are bent out, so that they enter the room. I paint them with colours, both on the front and on the backside. And I let light and shadows play with them. I also work with cut out paper shapes. I find paper vulnerable, changeable and strong. Like people.

The works are often suitable for comissions. Other times for installations.

Rippling Water Snake
Rippling Water Snake (80x100cm)


I was born in the north of Norway, under The Northern Light. We had long seasons of dark sky and white snow. In the winter we buildt snow houses and put candle lights inside them. The breaches of light rays on the snow were beautiful. In the spring, ice and snow were broken up by the water floating under it. My heart and my home is in the south, with the sun and the warmth. But the breaches of light and the emergent flow of water still follow me.

As a child I loved to draw. Later, at the art school, I studied graphic art. My interest for paper developed then. I tried out its abilities to be printed and ripped and penetrated. I started to make my own paper. I found it vulnerable changeable and strong. Like human skin in a way. Sensitive to marks.

The last seven years I have been making paper cut outs. I attache them a short distance from the wall. I add fluorecend colour on the back side. And I paint the front side. Sunlight or spotlights play with the shadows around them and with the colours.

After a while I started to do the same in metall; in steel and aluminium. I did this to be able to work in a larger format. It is also nice that the material is more sustainable. The metals can also have colour sprayed, poured or painted on. And receive different marks. It can be bent out of the flat form and stay that way, without loosing its shape. (illustration). I look forward to develope new ideas, unwrap new possibilities with both of these materials. I find they suit my temperament.

The drawing is always there as a starting point.